GoBackup is a fullstack backup tool design for application servers, to backup your databases, files to cloud storages (Local disk, FTP, SCP, S3, GCS, Aliyun OSS ...).

You can write a config file, run gobackup perform command once to dump database as file, archive config files, and then package them into a single file.

It's allow you store the backup file to local, FTP, SCP, S3 or other cloud storages.

GoBackup 是一个类似 backup/backup (opens in a new tab) 的一站式备份工具,为中小型服务器/个人服务器而设计,配合 Crontab 以实现定时备份的目的。

使用 GoBackup 你可以通过一个简单的配置文件,一次(执行一个命令)将服务器上重要的(数据库、配置文件)东西导出、打包压缩,并备份到指定目的地(如:本地路径、FTP、云存储...)。

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Quick Start

You can install GoBackup by use the install script.

curl -sSL https://gobackup.github.io/install | sh

Or install via Homebrew

brew install gobackup


  • No dependencies.
  • Multiple Databases source support.
  • Multiple Storage type support.
  • Archive paths or files into a tar.
  • Split a large backup file into multiple parts.
  • Run as a daemon to backup in schedully.
  • Web UI & HTTP API for manage backups.

Web UI

gobackup-webui-main gobackup-webui-files