Aliyun OSS

Aliyun OSS

Storage backup file to Aliyun OSS (opens in a new tab).

Since 2.1.0, Aliyun OSS used AWS S3 SDK to upload.

Config keys

type: oss

  • bucket - OSS bucket name
  • region - Region of OSS Bucket, default: cn-hangzhou
  • endpoint - OSS endpoint (optional), default: oss-${region}
  • path - remote path for save, default: /
  • access_key_id - Aliyun access_key_id
  • secret_access_key - Aliyun access_key_secret, alias: access_key_secret
  • timeout - Set timeout of remote upload, default: 300
  • max_retries - Max retries, default: 3
  • storage_class - Default: STANDARD_IA

Storage Class

Since: 2.1.0

By test, Aliyun OSS only support "STANDARD" via S3 SDK, even we set "STANDARD_IA" or "ARCHIVE" the storage class will be "STANDARD".

  • GLACIER (opens in a new tab)