since: 2.1.0

MinIO (opens in a new tab) is a S3 compatible object storage server. GoBackup supports MinIO as a storage backend.

Config keys

NOTE: You can also use type: s3 and special your MinIO host on endpoint to use MinIO in the lower GoBackup version.

type: minio

  • bucket - MinIO bucket name
  • endpoint - Your MinIO host, e.g.: https://localhost:9000
  • region - MinIO region, default: us-east-1
  • path - remote path for save
  • access_key_id - Qiniu API key
  • secret_access_key - Qiniu API secret
  • timeout - Set timeout of remote upload, default: 300
  • max_retries - Max retries, default: 3


The default MinIO region is us-east-1.

If your MinIO server has changed that, you can use region to set it.

Storage Class

Not supports.